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STUDENT CONSULTING is an education consulting company with over 10 years of experience which was founded to support all the applicants that want to study aroad. We are a company that, additionally to our advisory services, developed a department of financial advisory, leading to excellent results. 99% of our applicants benefited from financial solutions for all their study period. We are an accredited UCAS centre, starting with 2013, with lets any Romanian applicant to ask for free support to complete their UCAS application.

Our services are based on thorough individual evaluation, led by an educational advisor who is accredited by British Council and understands the academic community and the applicant’s skills, their financial needs which are correlated with the admission criteria and provides a list of universities that offers real admission chances.

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Our success in consulting generations admitted at top universities all over the world is owned by our applicants. Today, after 8 years, we know with certainty to simplify the application process and we can offer personalised consultancy for our candidates and guarantee their families peace of mind for those who give us their trust.


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Education consultant specialized in the admission process in USA. General Manager and founder of Student Consulting.

Financial consultant specialized in the process of financial application. Manages the department that provides financial solutions for scholarships and loans.

Education consultant specialized in the admission process in Great Britain. Manages the consulting department for Europe.

Consulting and vocational testing

We support those who do not know for sure what career path to follow and they wish to correlate their educational options with their vocation. Today, we support fundamental decisions which will influence your entire life through a series of Orientation Career Tests and specialists in vocational consultancy.
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