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Oxford Brookes University began life as the Oxford School of Art in 1865, when it occupied one room on the ground floor of the Taylor Institution in the centre of the city.Set in a historic student city, Oxford Brookes is one of the UK’s leading modern universities and enjoys an international reputation for teaching excellence and innovation as well as strong links with business and industry. Each of our campuses in Oxford has residential accommodation, playing fields, a library, computer rooms and Brookes Union shops. And when you need a bite to eat, there are cafes, snack kiosks and bars, as well as catering facilities serving breakfasts, lunches and evening meals.

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Accounting and Economics (Licenta)

Accounting and Finance (Licenta)

Animal Biology and Conservation (Licenta)

Anthropology (Licenta)

Anthropology and Communication, Media and Culture (Licenta)

Anthropology and English Literature (Licenta)

Anthropology and Geography (Licenta)

Anthropology and History (Licenta)

Anthropology and History of Art (Licenta)

Anthropology and International Relations (Licenta)

Anthropology and Philosophy (Licenta)

Anthropology and Sociology (Licenta)

Applied Languages (Licenta)

Architecture (Licenta)

Artificial Intelligence (Licenta)

Biological Anthropology (Licenta)

Biological Sciences (Licenta)

Biological Sciences (Genetics and Genomics) (Licenta)

Biological Sciences (Human Biosciences) (Licenta)

Biological Sciences (Zoology) (Licenta)

Biomedical Science (Licenta)

Building Surveying (Licenta)

Business and Finance (Licenta)

Business and Law (Licenta)

Business and Management (Licenta)

Business and Marketing Management (Licenta)

Business Management (Licenta)

Business Management and Geography (Licenta)

Business Management and International Relations (Licenta)

Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (Licenta)

Communication, Media and Culture (Licenta)

Communication, Media and Culture and English Language and Linguistics (Licenta)

Communication, Media and Culture and English Literature (Licenta)

Communication, Media and Culture and International Relations (Licenta)

Communication, Media and Culture and Politics (Licenta)

Communication, Media and Culture and Sociology (Licenta)

Computer Science (Licenta)

Construction Project Management (Licenta)

Criminology (Licenta)

Criminology and Anthropology (Licenta)

Criminology and Education Studies (Licenta)

Criminology and English Literature (Licenta)

Criminology and History (Licenta)

Criminology and International Relations (Licenta)

Criminology and Law (Licenta)

Criminology and Politics (Licenta)

Criminology and Sociology (Licenta)

Digital Media Production (Licenta)

Early Childhood Studies (Licenta)

Economics, Finance and International Business (Licenta)

Economics, Politics and International Relations (Licenta)

English Language and Linguistics (Licenta)

English Language and Linguistics and English Literature (Licenta)

English Language and Linguistics and Japanese Studies (Licenta)

English Literature (Licenta)

English Literature and History (Licenta)

English Literature and History of Art (Licenta)

English Literature and Philosophy (Licenta)

English Literature with Creative Writing (Licenta)

Equine Science (Licenta)

Events Management (Licenta)

Film (Licenta)

Fine Art (Licenta)

Geography (Licenta)

Geography and History (Licenta)

Geography and International Relations (Licenta)

Graphic Design (Licenta)

History (Licenta)

History and History of Art (Licenta)

History and International Relations (Licenta)

History and Japanese Studies (Licenta)

History and Politics (Licenta)

History of Art (Licenta)

History of Art and Sociology (Licenta)

Information Technology for Business (Licenta)

Interior Architecture (Licenta)

International Business Management (Licenta)

International Hospitality Management (Licenta)

Japanese Studies (Licenta)

Law (Licenta)

Law with Business (Licenta)

Law with Criminology (Licenta)

Marketing and Events Management (Licenta)

Marketing Communications Management (Licenta)

Marketing Management (Licenta)

Mathematics (Licenta)

Mechanical Engineering (Licenta)

Mechanical Engineering Design (Licenta)

Media, Journalism and Publishing (Licenta)

Medical Science (Licenta)

Midwifery (Licenta)

Motorsport Engineering (Licenta)

Music (Licenta)

Nursing (Adult and Mental Health) (Licenta)

Nutrition (Licenta)

Occupational Therapy (Licenta)

Philosophy (Licenta)

Photography (Licenta)

Physiotherapy (Licenta)

Planning and Property Development (Licenta)

Politics (Licenta)

Politics and Sociology (Licenta)

Psychology (Licenta)

Social Anthropology (Licenta)

Social Work (Licenta)

Sociology (Licenta)

Sport and Exercise Science (Licenta)

Sport, Coaching and Physical Education (Licenta)


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