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With over 500 courses to choose from delivered across our 18 Schools and Institutes, the University of Wolverhampton's attractive offering to students from around the world includes 96% graduate employability (Destination of Leavers of Higher Education survey 2015), teaching informed by world-leading research, strong business links, and state-of-the-art facilities. In Wolverhampton the Free Library (1870) developed technical, scientific, commercial and general classes, while a School of Art, established in 1851, had been developed into the Municipal School for Art in new buildings by 1885. By 1903, we had courses in coach building, house painting and pattern making. The University of Wolverhampton is a place of opportunity. If you bring your passion and talent, we’ll provide the guidance, facilities and expertise to help you on your way to achieving your goals.

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Compton Park

Animation (Licenta)

Acting (Licenta)

Drama (Licenta)

Tourism Management (Licenta)

English (Licenta)

Social Care (Licenta)

International Hospitality Management School Vatel (Licenta)

International Hospitality Management School Vatel (Licenta)

Economics (Licenta)

Economics and Business (Licenta)

Economics and Sociology (Licenta)

Primary Education (Licenta)

Economics and Politics (Licenta)

Musical Theatre (Licenta)

Politics and Philosophy (Licenta)

Photography (Licenta)

Sociology (Licenta)

War Studies (Licenta)

Politics and Media (Licenta)

History (Licenta)

Media (Licenta)

Tourism and Economics (Licenta)

Music Technology (Licenta)

Religious Studies (Licenta)

Social Policy (Licenta)

Social Work (Licenta)

Business and Law (Licenta)

Law and Philosophy (Licenta)

Media and English (Licenta)

Education Studies (Licenta)

Economics and Social Policy (Licenta)

Sport Business Management (Licenta)

Marketing Management (Licenta)

Social Care and Sociology (Licenta)

Philosophy (Licenta)

Accounting and Law (Licenta)

English and History (Licenta)

Illustration (Licenta)

English and Philosophy (Licenta)

Politics and War Studies (Licenta)

Business Management (Licenta)

Event and Venue Management (Licenta)

Physical Education (Licenta)

Sociology and Social Policy (Licenta)

Dance (Licenta)

Media and Sociology (Licenta)

Social Care and Health Studies (Licenta)

Social Policy and Law (Licenta)

Philosophy and Sociology (Licenta)

Human Resource Management (Licenta)

Sociology and History (Licenta)

Drama and Musical Theatre (Licenta)

Glass and Ceramics (Licenta)

English Language and Literature (Licenta)

Media and English Language (Licenta)

Sociology and Politics (Licenta)

Graphic Design (Licenta)

Business and Accounting (Licenta)

Social Care and Deaf Studies (Licenta)

English Language and Linguistics (Licenta)

Marketing and Events Management (Licenta)

Physical Education and School Sport (Licenta)

Young People, Family and Community (Licenta)

Creative and Professional Writing (Licenta)

Social Care and Social Policy (Licenta)

Business and Tourism Management (Licenta)

Multimedia Journalism (Licenta)

Religious Studies and Sociology (Licenta)

War Studies and Philosophy (Licenta)

Deaf Studies and Social Policy (Licenta)

Deaf Studies and Linguistics (Licenta)

Philosophy and Creative Professional Writing (Licenta)

Accounting and Finance (Licenta)

History and Religious Studies (Licenta)

Religious Studies and Philosophy (Licenta)

Fine Art (Licenta)

Politics and Social Policy (Licenta)

Tourism and Marketing Management (Licenta)

Human Resource Management and Law (Licenta)

Education Studies and English (Licenta)

Criminology and Criminal Justice (Licenta)

Creative and Professional Writing and English (Licenta)

Computer Games Design (Licenta)

Film and Television Production (Licenta)

Tourism and Events Management (Licenta)

Criminology and Criminal Justice and Law (Licenta)

Business and Marketing Management (Licenta)

Music Technology and Popular Music (Licenta)

Early Childhood Studies (Licenta)

Childhood, Family and Education Studies (Licenta)

Childhood and Family Studies and Sociology (Licenta)

Creative and Professional Writing and Media (Licenta)

Social Care and Criminology and Criminal Justice (Licenta)

Business and Human Resource Management (Licenta)

Linguistics and Teaching of English for Speakers of Other Languages (Licenta)

Special Educational Needs, Disability, Inclusion and Childhood and Family Studies (Licenta)


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