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Accounting (BSc) (Licenta)

Accounting and Finance (BSc) (Licenta)

Adult Nursing (BN) (Licenta)

Ancient and Medieval History (BA) (Licenta)

Ancient History (BA) (Licenta)

Ancient History and French (BA) (Licenta)

Ancient History and German (BA) (Licenta)

Ancient History and History (BA) (Licenta)

Ancient History and Italian (BA) (Licenta)

Ancient History and Spanish (BA) (Licenta)

Applied Software Engineering (BSc) (Licenta)

Archaeology (BA) (Licenta)

Archaeology (BSc) (Licenta)

Archaeology and Ancient History (BA) (Licenta)

Archaeology and French (BA) (Licenta)

Archaeology and German (BA) (Licenta)

Archaeology and History (BA) (Licenta)

Archaeology and Italian (BA) (Licenta)

Archaeology and Medieval History (BA) (Licenta)

Architectural Engineering (BEng) (Licenta)

Architectural Engineering (MEng) (Licenta)

Architectural Engineering (International) (MEng) (Licenta)

Architecture (BSc/MArch) (Licenta)

Astrophysics (BSc) (Licenta)

Banking and Finance (BScEcon) (Licenta)

Biochemistry (BSc) (Licenta)

Biological Sciences (BSc) (Licenta)

Biological Sciences (Zoology) (BSc) (Licenta)

Biomedical Sciences (BSc) (Licenta)

Biomedical Sciences (MBiomed) (Licenta)

Business Economics (BScEcon) (Licenta)

Business Management (BSc) (Licenta)

Business Management (Human Resource Management) (BSc) (Licenta)

Business Management (International Management) (BSc) (Licenta)

Business Management (Logistics and Operations) (BSc) (Licenta)

Business Management (Marketing) (BSc) (Licenta)

Chemistry (BSc) (Licenta)

Chemistry (MChem) (Licenta)

Children's Nursing (BN) (Licenta)

Civil and Environmental Engineering (BEng) (Licenta)

Civil and Environmental Engineering (MEng) (Licenta)

Civil Engineering (BEng) (Licenta)

Civil Engineering (MEng) (Licenta)

Computer Science (MSci) (Licenta)

Conservation of Objects in Museums and Archaeology (BSc) (Licenta)

Criminology (BSc) (Licenta)

Criminology and Social Policy (BSc) (Licenta)

Criminology and Sociology (BSc) (Licenta)

Dental Surgery (BDS) (Licenta)

Dental Surgery with a Preliminary Year (BDS) (Licenta)

Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene (BSc) (Licenta)

Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging (BSc) (Licenta)

Economics (BScEcon) (Licenta)

Economics and Finance (BScEcon) (Licenta)

Economics and Management Studies (BScEcon) (Licenta)

Economics with a European Language (French) (BSc) (Licenta)

Economics with a European Language (German) (BSc) (Licenta)

Economics with a European Language (Spanish) (BSc) (Licenta)

Education (BSc) (Licenta)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (BEng) (Licenta)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng) (Licenta)

English Language (BA) (Licenta)

English Language and French (BA) (Licenta)

English Language and German (BA) (Licenta)

English Language and Italian (BA) (Licenta)

English Language and Linguistics (BA) (Licenta)

English Language and Literature (BA) (Licenta)

English Language and Philosophy (BA) (Licenta)

English Language and Spanish (BA) (Licenta)

English Literature (BA) (Licenta)

English Literature and Ancient History (BA) (Licenta)

English Literature and Archaeology (BA) (Licenta)

English Literature and Creative Writing (BA) (Licenta)

English Literature and History (BA) (Licenta)

English Literature and Philosophy (BA) (Licenta)

Environmental Geography (MSci) (Licenta)

Environmental Geography (BSc) (Licenta)

Environmental Geoscience (MSci) (Licenta)

Environmental Geoscience (BSc) (Licenta)

Exploration Geology (MSci) (Licenta)

Exploration Geology (BSc) (Licenta)

Financial Mathematics (BSc) (Licenta)

French (BA) (Licenta)

French and Economics (BA) (Licenta)

French and English Literature (BA) (Licenta)

French and German (BA) (Licenta)

French and Italian (BA) (Licenta)

French and Japanese (BA) (Licenta)

French and Music (BA) (Licenta)

French and Philosophy (BA) (Licenta)

French and Politics (BA) (Licenta)

French and Portuguese (BA) (Licenta)

French and Spanish (BA) (Licenta)

Geology (MSci) (Licenta)

Geology (BSc) (Licenta)

German (BA) (Licenta)

German and Economics (BA) (Licenta)

German and English Literature (BA) (Licenta)

German and Italian (BA) (Licenta)

German and Japanese (BA) (Licenta)

German and Music (BA) (Licenta)

German and Politics (BA) (Licenta)

German and Portuguese (BA) (Licenta)

German and Spanish (BA) (Licenta)

History (BA) (Licenta)

History and Economics (BA) (Licenta)

History and French (BA) (Licenta)

History and German (BA) (Licenta)

History and Italian (BA) (Licenta)

History and Spanish (BA) (Licenta)

History with Welsh History (BA) (Licenta)

Human and Social Sciences (BSc) (Licenta)

Human Geography (BSc) (Licenta)

Human Geography and Planning (BSc) (Licenta)

Integrated Engineering (MEng) (Licenta)

Integrated Engineering (BEng) (Licenta)

International Relations (BScEcon) (Licenta)

International Relations and Politics (BScEcon) (Licenta)

Italian (BA) (Licenta)

Italian and Economics (BA) (Licenta)

Italian and English Literature (BA) (Licenta)

Italian and Japanese (BA) (Licenta)

Italian and Music (BA) (Licenta)

Italian and Philosophy (BA) (Licenta)

Italian and Politics (BA) (Licenta)

Italian and Portuguese (BA) (Licenta)

Italian and Spanish (BA) (Licenta)

Journalism and Communications (BA) (Licenta)

Journalism Media and Sociology (BA) (Licenta)

Journalism, Communications and Politics (BA) (Licenta)

Journalism, Media and English Literature (BA) (Licenta)

Law (LLB) (Licenta)

Law and Criminology (LLB) (Licenta)

Law and French (LLB) (Licenta)

Law and Politics (LLB) (Licenta)

Law and Sociology (LLB) (Licenta)

Law and Welsh (LLB) (Licenta)

Marine Geography (MSci) (Licenta)

Marine Geography (BSc) (Licenta)

Mathematics (BSc) (Licenta)

Mathematics (MMath) (Licenta)

Mathematics and Music (BA) (Licenta)

Mathematics Operational Research and Statistics (BSc) (Licenta)

Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics (MMORS) (Licenta)

Mechanical Engineering (MEng) (Licenta)

Mechanical Engineering (BEng) (Licenta)

Media and Communications (BA) (Licenta)

Media, Journalism and Culture (BA) (Licenta)

Medical Engineering (MEng) (Licenta)

Medical Engineering (BEng) (Licenta)

Medical Pharmacology (BSc) (Licenta)

Medicine (MBBCh) (Licenta)

Medicine: Graduate Entry (MBBCh) (Licenta)

Medicine: North Wales (MBBCh) (Licenta)

Mental Health Nursing (BN) (Licenta)

Midwifery (BMid) (Licenta)

Modern Chinese (BA) (Licenta)

Modern Languages and Translation (BA) (Licenta)

Music (BA) (Licenta)

Music (BMus) (Licenta)

Music and English Literature (BA) (Licenta)

Music and History (BA) (Licenta)

Music and Philosophy (BA) (Licenta)

Neuroscience (BSc) (Licenta)

Occupational Therapy (BSc) (Licenta)

Operating Department Practice (BSc) (Licenta)

Optometry (BSc) (Licenta)

Pharmacy (MPharm) (Licenta)

Philosophy (BA) (Licenta)

Philosophy and Ancient History (BA) (Licenta)

Philosophy and Archaeology (BA) (Licenta)

Philosophy and Economics (BA) (Licenta)

Philosophy and History (BA) (Licenta)

Physical Geography (MSci) (Licenta)

Physics (BSc) (Licenta)

Physics with Astronomy (MPhys) (Licenta)

Physics with Medical Physics (BSc) (Licenta)

Physiotherapy (BSc) (Licenta)

Politics (BScEcon) (Licenta)

Politics and Economics (BScEcon) (Licenta)

Politics and Philosophy (BA) (Licenta)

Politics and Sociology (BScEcon) (Licenta)

Politics and Spanish (BA) (Licenta)

Portuguese and Spanish (BA) (Licenta)

Psychology (BSc) (Licenta)

Radiotherapy and Oncology (BSc) (Licenta)

Religion and Theology (BA) (Licenta)

Religious Studies and Ancient History (BA) (Licenta)

Religious Studies and Archaeology (BA) (Licenta)

Religious Studies and English Literature (BA) (Licenta)

Religious Studies and German (BA) (Licenta)

Religious Studies and History (BA) (Licenta)

Religious Studies and Italian (BA) (Licenta)

Religious Studies and Music (BA) (Licenta)

Religious Studies and Philosophy (BA) (Licenta)

Religious Studies and Politics (BA) (Licenta)

Religious Studies and Spanish (BA) (Licenta)

Social Analytics (BSc) (Licenta)

Social Science (BSc) (Licenta)

Sociology (BSc) (Licenta)

Sociology and Education (BSc) (Licenta)

Sociology and History (BScEcon) (Licenta)

Sociology and Social Policy (BSc) (Licenta)

Spanish (BA) (Licenta)

Translation (BA) (Licenta)

Urban Planning and Development (BSc) (Licenta)

Welsh (BA) (Licenta)

Digital & Technology Solutions BSc (Hons) (Licenta)


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