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At Keele we're proud to foster a supportive community, and build strong relationships with the research, business, local and international communities. Our students and alumni make a big impact globally, as well as locally, for the good of society and enterprise.

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Accounting and Business Management (Licenta)

Accounting and Finance (Licenta)

Adult Nursing (Licenta)

Astrophysics and Chemistry (Licenta)

Astrophysics and Computer Science (Licenta)

Astrophysics and Education (Licenta)

Astrophysics and Environmental Science (Licenta)

Astrophysics and Forensic Science (Licenta)

Astrophysics and Geology (Licenta)

Astrophysics and Human Geography (Licenta)

Astrophysics and Mathematics (Licenta)

Astrophysics and Medicinal Chemistry (Licenta)

Astrophysics and Physical Geography (Licenta)

Biochemistry (Licenta)

Biochemistry and Biology (Licenta)

Biochemistry and Chemistry (Licenta)

Biochemistry and Human Biology (Licenta)

Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry (Licenta)

Biochemistry and Neuroscience (Licenta)

Biochemistry with Integrated Master's (Licenta)

Biology (Licenta)

Biology and Chemistry (Licenta)

Biology and Computer Science (Licenta)

Biology and Education (Licenta)

Biology and Environmental Science (Licenta)

Biology and Forensic Science (Licenta)

Biology and Geography (Licenta)

Biology and Geology (Licenta)

Biology and Human Geography (Licenta)

Biology and Mathematics (Licenta)

Biology and Physical Geography (Licenta)

Biology and Psychology (Licenta)

Biomedical Science (Licenta)

Business and Human Resource Management (Licenta)

Business and Psychology (Licenta)

Business Management and Economics (Licenta)

Business Management and Finance (Licenta)

Business Management and Finance (Licenta)

Business Management and Media (Licenta)

Cell and Tissue Engineering (Licenta)

Chemistry (Licenta)

Children's Nursing (Licenta)

Clinical Practice (Licenta)

Computer Science (Licenta)

Criminology (Licenta)

Criminology and History (Licenta)

Criminology and Psychology (Licenta)

Criminology and Sociology (Licenta)

Data Science (Licenta)

Data Science and Astrophysics (Licenta)

Data Science and Biology (Licenta)

Data Science and Business Management (Licenta)

Data Science and Environmental Science (Licenta)

Data Science and Forensic Science (Licenta)

Data Science and Geology (Licenta)

Data Science and Human Biology (Licenta)

Data Science and Neuroscience (Licenta)

Data Science and Physics (Licenta)

Data Science with Integrated Master's (Licenta)

Economics (Licenta)

Economics and Finance (Licenta)

Economics and Mathematics (Licenta)

Education (Licenta)

Education and English Literature (Licenta)

Education and History (Licenta)

Education and Human Biology (Licenta)

Education and Mathematics (Licenta)

Education and Philosophy (Licenta)

Education and Physics (Licenta)

Education and Sociology (Licenta)

English and American Literature (Licenta)

English Literature (Licenta)

English Literature and Creative Writing (Licenta)

English Literature and Film Studies (Licenta)

English Literature and History (Licenta)

English Literature and Philosophy (Licenta)

English Literature and Psychology (Licenta)

Environment and Sustainability (Licenta)

Environmental sciences (Licenta)

Environmental Science and Geography (Licenta)

Environmental Science and Human Geography (Licenta)

Environmental Science and Medicinal Chemistry (Licenta)

Environmental Science and Physical Geography (Licenta)

Environmental Science and Physics (Licenta)

Film Studies (Licenta)

Film Studies and Creative Writing (Licenta)

Film Studies and Media (Licenta)

Film Studies and Music Technology (Licenta)

Forensic and Analytical Investigation with Integrated Master's (Licenta)

Forensic Science (Licenta)

Forensic Science and Criminology (Licenta)

Forensic Science and Human Biology (Licenta)

Forensic Science and Neuroscience (Licenta)

Forensic Science and Physics (Licenta)

Forensic Science and Psychology (Licenta)

Geography and History (Licenta)

Geography and Mathematics (Licenta)

Geography and Politics (Licenta)

Geography and Sociology (Licenta)

Geography BA (Licenta)

Geography BSc (Licenta)

Geology (Licenta)

History (Licenta)

History and Human Geography (Licenta)

History and International Relations (Licenta)

History and Politics (Licenta)

History and Psychology (Licenta)

Human Biology (Licenta)

Human Biology and Mathematics (Licenta)

Human Biology and Medicinal Chemistry (Licenta)

Human Biology and Psychology (Licenta)

International Business and Marketing (Licenta)

International Business and Media (Licenta)

International Business Management (Licenta)

International Governance and Public Policy (Licenta)

International Relations and Politics (Licenta)

Law (Licenta)

Law with Business (Licenta)

Law with Criminology (Licenta)

Law with Politics (Licenta)

Law with Professional Legal Practice (Licenta)

Learning Disability Nursing (Licenta)

Liberal Arts (Licenta)

Liberal Arts with Integrated Master's (Licenta)

Management (Licenta)

Management with Integrated Master's (Licenta)

Marketing and Business Management (Licenta)

Marketing and Media (Licenta)

Mathematics (Licenta)

Mathematics (Applied Mathematics) (Licenta)

Mathematics (Pure Mathematics) (Licenta)

Mathematics (with Statistics) (Licenta)

Mathematics and Philosophy (Licenta)

Mathematics and Physical Geography (Licenta)

Mathematics and Physics (Licenta)

Mathematics and Psychology (Licenta)

Mathematics with Integrated Master's (Licenta)

Media and Music Technology (Licenta)

Media and Sociology (Licenta)

Media, Communications and Creative Practice (Licenta)

Medicinal Chemistry and Biology (Licenta)

Medicinal Chemistry and Forensic Science (Licenta)

Medicinal Chemistry and Geology (Licenta)

Medicinal Chemistry and Mathematics (Licenta)

Medicinal Chemistry and Neuroscience (Licenta)

Medicinal Chemistry and Physics (Licenta)

Medicine (Licenta)

Mental Health Nursing (Licenta)

Midwifery (Licenta)

Music and Music Technology (Licenta)

Music Technology (Licenta)

Music Technology and Psychology (Licenta)

Natural Sciences (Licenta)

Natural Sciences with Integrated Master's (Licenta)

Neuroscience (Licenta)

Nursing Studies (Licenta)

Pharmaceutical Science, Technology and Business (Licenta)

Pharmacy (Licenta)

Pharmacy with Integrated Training Year (Licenta)

Philosophy (Licenta)

Philosophy and Politics (Licenta)

Philosophy and Psychology (Licenta)

Physics (Licenta)

Physics with Astrophysics (Licenta)

Physiotherapy (Licenta)

Politics (Licenta)

Politics (Licenta)

Psychology (Licenta)

Psychology and Education (Licenta)

Psychology and Sociology (Licenta)

Psychology with Counselling (Licenta)

Psychology with Placement Year (Licenta)

Public Health (Licenta)

Social Work (Licenta)

Sociology (Licenta)

Specialist Community Nursing: District Nursing Pathway (Licenta)

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing: Health Visiting Pathway (Licenta)

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing: School Nursing Pathway (Licenta)

Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (Licenta)


Tipul studiu: Licenta

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Durata: 3 ani

Bursa: NU

Interviu: NU

Portofoliu: NU

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