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At London Met we invest in you. The University boasts state-of-the art learning, library and IT facilities where you can hone your skills – from a mock courtroom, purpose-built art, design and recording studios to a £100,000 journalism newsroom and our £30 million Science Centre, which is one of the largest science teaching labs in Europe.

Cost cazare:

Accounting and Finance - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Advertising, Marketing Communications and Public Relations - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Airline, Airport and Aviation Management - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Architecture - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Banking and Finance - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Beauty Marketing and Journalism - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Biochemistry - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Biological Science - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Biology of Infectious Disease - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Business Information Technology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Business Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Business Management and Marketing - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Business and Law - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Chemistry - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Commercial Law - LLB (Hons) (Licenta)

Community Development and Leadership - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Computer Networking and Cyber Security - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Computer Networking and Infrastructure Security - BEng (Hons) (Licenta)

Computer Science - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Computer Systems Engineering and Robotics - BEng (Hons) (Licenta)

Computing - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Counselling and Coaching - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Creative Writing and English Literature - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology and International Security - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology and Law - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology and Policing - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology and Psychology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology and Sociology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology and Youth Studies - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Dietetics - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Dietetics and Nutrition - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Digital Business Management - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Digital Business Management with Project Management - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Digital Forensics and Cyber Security - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Digital Media - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Diplomacy and International Relations - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Early Childhood Studies - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Economics - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Economics and Finance - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Education - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Electronics and Internet of Things - BEng (Hons) (Licenta)

Events Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Events Management and Marketing - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Fashion - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Fashion Marketing and Business Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Fashion Marketing and Journalism - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Fashion Photography - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Fashion Textiles - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Film and Television Studies - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Financial Mathematics - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Fine Art - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Forensic Science - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Furniture and Product Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Games Animation, Modelling and Effects - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Games Programming - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Graphic Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Health and Social Care - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Human Nutrition - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Interior Architecture and Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Interior Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Interior Design and Decoration - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

International Business Management - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

International Relations - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

International Relations and Law - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

International Relations and Politics - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

International Relations with Languages - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Jewellery and Accessories - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Journalism - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Journalism, Film and Television Studies - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

LLB (Criminal Law) - (Hons) (Licenta)

LLB Law - (Hons) (Licenta)

Law - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Marketing - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Marketing - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Mathematics - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Mathematics and Computer Science - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Media and Communications - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Media and Marketing - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Media and Public Relations - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Media with Languages - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Media, Communications and Journalism - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Medical Bioscience - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Montessori Early Childhood Practice - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Music Business - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Music Technology and Production - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Natural Sciences (Biology) - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Natural Sciences (Chemistry) - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Painting - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Pharmaceutical Science - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Pharmacology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Photography - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Photojournalism - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Police Studies, Procedure and Investigation - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Politics - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Psychology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Psychology and Sociology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Retail Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Social Work - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Society, Politics and Policy - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Sociology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sociology and Social Policy - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sport Psychology, Coaching and Physical Education - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sport and Exercise Performance Analysis - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sport and Exercise Science - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sports Therapy - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sports and Dance Therapy - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Textiles - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Theatre and Film - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Theatre and Performance - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Tourism and Travel Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Toxicology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Translation - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Youth Justice - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Youth Studies - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)


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