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Historical facts                                          
Our early history can be traced back to the five individual colleges which would be brought together as The City of Birmingham Polytechnic in 1971: Birmingham College of Art, Birmingham School of Music, Birmingham College of Commerce, South Birmingham Technical College and North Birmingham Technical College.
In 1975 a further three colleges were incorporated into the Polytechnic – Anstey College of Physical Education, Bordesley College of Education and City of Birmingham College of Education.   In 2007, the University changed its name to Birmingham City University and received a new logo, a reworking of the tiger crest used by the University of Central England in Birmingham, which itself originally came from the Birmingham College of Commerce, one of the Polytechnic's founder institutions.
Reputation and ranking
With around 24,000 students from 80 countries, Birmingham City University is a large, diverse and increasingly popular place to study. We put students at the heart of everything we do, giving them the best opportunities for future success.  

Student life
Living in Birmingham offers you the chance to live in an exciting, diverse city with world-class restaurants, entertainment and shops.
Birmingham is home to more than one million people from a range of different cultures and ethnic groups, including the UK’s largest student population outside London.
Its friendly population is what makes Birmingham the dynamic, multicultural city that is – and also one of the largest cities in Europe offering a heady mix of galleries, music, restaurants and bars.

University is your best career move – it will give you the opportunity to get a better job, earn more money and reach your full potential.
At Birmingham City University, we've been launching careers since 1843, and we're dedicated to ensuring our students develop the skills employers need.
Six months after graduating, 92 per cent of our graduates were in employment or further study. (DLHE survey 2013/14)

Cost cazare:


Architecture - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Art and Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Costume Design and Practice - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Design for Future Living - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Design for Performance: Theatre, Film and Live Events - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Fashion Branding and Communication - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Fashion Business and Promotion - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Fashion Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Fine Art - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Garment Technology - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Gemmology and Jewellery Studies - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Graphic Communication - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Horology - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Illustration - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Interior Architecture and Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

International Jewellery Business - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Jewellery and Objects - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Landscape Architecture - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Photography - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Product and Furniture Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Textile Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Textile Design: Knit and Weave - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Textile Design: Print and Surface Design - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Textile Design: Retail, Business and Marketing - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Video Game Digital Art - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Visual Communication - Graphic Communication - China delivery - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Architectural Technology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Building Services Engineering - BEng (Hons) (Licenta)

Building Surveying - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Construction - HNC (Licenta)

Construction Management - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Design for Future Living - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Landscape Architecture - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Property Development and Planning - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Quantity Surveying - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Real Estate - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Accountancy - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Accounting and Finance - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Business - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Business (Marketing) - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Business (Professional Practice) - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Business Accounting - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Business and Management - HNC (Licenta)

Business Economics - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Business Finance - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Business Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Economics - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Esports Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Event, Venue and Experience Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Finance and Investment - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Financial Economics - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Global Hospitality Management - BSc (Licenta)

Global Sport Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Human Resource Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

International Jewellery Business - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Human Resource Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Law with Business - LLB (Hons) (Licenta)

Marketing - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Marketing (Advertising and Public Relations) - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Marketing (Consumer Psychology) - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Marketing (Digital) - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Marketing (Professional Practice) - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Marketing (Retailing) - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Business Information Technology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Computer and Data Science - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Computer Forensics - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Computer Games Technology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Computer Networks - BSc (Hons) / MSci (Licenta)

Computer Networks and Security - BSc (Hons) / MSci (Licenta)

Computer Science - BSc (Hons) / MSci (Licenta)

Computing - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Computing and Information Technology - BSc (Hons) / MSci (Licenta)

Cyber Security - BSc (Hons) / MSci (Licenta)

Digital Media Computing - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Digital Media Technology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Electronic Engineering - BEng (Hons) (Licenta)

Secondary Computing with QTS - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sound Engineering and Production - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Conductive Education - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Early Childhood Studies - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Education Studies - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Primary Education with QTS - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Secondary Physical Education with QTS - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Social Work - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Working with Children, Young People and Families - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Automotive Engineering - BEng (Hons) / MEng (Licenta)

Biomedical Engineering - BEng (Hons) / MEng (Licenta)

Building Services Engineering - BEng (Hons) (Licenta)

Civil Engineering - BEng (Hons) (Licenta)

Electronic Engineering - BEng (Hons) / MEng (Licenta)

Manufacturing Engineering - BEng (Hons) / MEng (Licenta)

Mechanical Engineering - BEng (Hons) / MEng (Licenta)

Applied Linguistics - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

English - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

English and Creative Writing - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

English and Drama - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

English and Journalism - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

English Language and Literature - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

English Literature - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Diagnostic Radiography - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Food and Nutrition - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Midwifery - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Nursing - Adult - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Nursing - Adult and Child - Dual Award - MSci (Licenta)

Nursing - Adult and Learning Disabilities - Dual Award - MSci (Licenta)

Nursing - Adult and Mental Health - Dual Award - MSci (Licenta)

Nursing - Learning Disabilities and Child - Dual Award - MSci (Licenta)

Nursing - Learning Disability - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Nursing - Mental Health - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Operating Department Practice - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Paramedic Science - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Radiotherapy - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Secondary Physical Education with QTS - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Social Work - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Speech and Language Therapy - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sport and Exercise Nutrition - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sport and Exercise Science - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sports Coaching and Physical Education - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sports Therapy - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Law - LLB (Hons) (Licenta)

Law with American Legal Studies - LLB (Hons) (Licenta)

Law with Business - LLB (Hons) (Licenta)

Law with Criminology - LLB (Hons) (Licenta)

Digital Film Production - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Digital Marketing - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Digital Media Computing - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Digital Media Technology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Film and Screenwriting - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Film Business and Promotion - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Film Studies - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Filmmaking - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Graphic Communication - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Immersive Media - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Journalism - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Media and Communication - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Media Production - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Music Industries - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Music Journalism - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Public Relations and Media - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Sound Engineering and Production - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sports Journalism - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Visual Effects - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Acting - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Applied Theatre (Community and Education) - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Design for Performance: Theatre, Film and Live Events - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Jazz - BMus (Licenta)

Music / Instrumental and Vocal Performance / Composition / Music Technology - BMus (Licenta)

Popular Music - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Stage Management - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Black Studies - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Black Studies (Criminal Justice) - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology and Security Studies - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology, Policing and Investigation - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Criminology, Policing and Investigation - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Professional Policing - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Psychology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Psychology and Counselling - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Psychology with Criminology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Psychology with Sociology - BSc (Hons) (Licenta)

Sociology - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Sociology and Criminology - BA (Hons) (Licenta)

Youth and Community - BA (Hons) * (Licenta)


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