Guide for International Students to Study in the USA
Lia Hancianu

Founder and General Manager of the company, starting 2009

Apply anywhere in the world

Starting 2009, we support our applicants in the admission process at any university with English as teaching language. This is why we created and developed two types of services.

  • “1 to 1” counseling is the product that is adapted to the needs of all the applicants with good, very good and excellent academic performances, which aim to top universities, with a price structure correlated with the applicant’s requests.

  • Free counseling is granted due to the partnerships we developed since the beginning of our activity and it is directed to the Romanian applicants who aim to the universities you can find in the integrated search engine.

    A dedicated advisor will provide all the necessary support regarding admission process, finance, accommodation solutions and transportation for all the university chosen by the applicant.

    Each applicant benefits from Copywriter collaborators and a specialized consultant, who provides all the necessary support for the motivational letters or essays. Our team of financial specialists gather all the financial documents needed for scholarships and identify all the funding solutions that the university offers.

    “The only way to do great work is to love what you do." — Steve Jobs
  • Admission process

    Our approach in the admission process


    What we offer:

    Career orientation with tests and vocational counseling

    Providing a list of universities with real admission chances.

    Counseling and support for your application documents.

    Counseling in the admission procedure.

    Identifying of scholarships, loans and financial solutions for studies.

    Setting up the whole financial file

    Counseling in accomodation procedures.

    Counseling in obtaining study visas.

    Because we are aware of the necessary extracurricular activities for each specialization, we can recommend you for an internship, Summer camps or courses that will improve considerably your admission chances at your wished university.


    We support the families with free consultancy for around 150 partner universities from Great Britain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark. For Top Universities and not partner universities, we offer personalised services starting with 299 EUR/ year.